My name is Rob Courtney and I live near Southampton in the south of England. I am an ordinary golfer. A very ordinary golfer. One of the thousands of ordinary but enthusiastic golfers who are happy to make the odd par (spending most of their time in reality trying to avoid a double bogey or worse) and for whom a straight shot off the tee is cause for self-congratulation.

Rob GolferI have been an on-off golfer for a number of years and retiring from my job in teaching in April 2013 was meant to allow me to become a little bit more on than off. My other career as a horticulturalist (my wife Joanna and I run a small retail nursery called Paddock Plants) put the brakes on that ambition during the growing and sales season, but, as autumn slides into winter, I can creep out more frequently to the course and the driving range. Both of which, as it happens, are just up the road from me in the form of Chilworth golf club where I am a member.

Handicap-wise, I am still stuck in the 20s, currently on 21 (April 2016). I blame my consistent inconsistency. Like most ordinary golfers, I harbour a dream that one day I too could be a slightly above the ordinary golfer and this blog will record my joys and disappointments in that respect. But most frequently, I expect, it will reinforce what it is to be an ordinary golfer.

This is essentially my golfing diary; for my wider thoughts on the game see my Ordinary Golf blog.


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