Tuesday 13 February 2018

First, the bad news. Rain stopped play this morning, so no outing with the seniors at Chilworth. Second, the good news. To make up for a lack of golf this morning, I went up the range at the end of the day and somehow rediscovered the lost art of hitting my 3 wood long and, more importantly, straight. And that was quite a relief, as for a while now I have been doing anything but that, with an inevitable negative impact on my scores.

My play with an iron or wedge in my hand has been fine and my putting, the usual ups and downs notwithstanding, has been reliable enough. I have even overcome a brief attack of the chipping yips, for goodness sake. The single thing that has stood between me and a decent number in recent times has been the requirement, consequent on my tee shots, to spend significant periods of time amongst the trees or in the deeper parts of the rough. I can find the middle of the fairway, but it’s rarely the one I intended. So let’s hope I can build on this evening’s little breakthrough and refind my confidence off the tee.

Other than that, the two key features of late have been the weather displaying its range of conditions, which appear to be limited to two: wet or cold, and, on occasion, wet and cold. That aside, the other point of interest has been the ongoing saga of the club newsletter and whether or not my account of the January goings on amongst the seniors was fit to be published or not. After (apparently) much deliberation and discussion behind closed doors, it seems that it is and my contribution appeared in all its uncut glory. Whether anyone reads it remains to be seen.


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