Monday 01 January 2018

Oops. Nearly typed 2017 there, but, having neglected this blog for a mere month or so, I return to it to find we are heading out into the uncharted territories of a new year. But before we do that, there’s a bit of catching up to do.

Though not a lot, it has to be said. The biggest event of December was probably the fourth round this year in the ongoing Dad vs Tristan competition (we don’t get too many rounds in these days since his taking up residence in Exeter) which took place at Romsey GC, just for a change of scenery. For my review of that course, take a look here. It was an overcast day, but  mild for early December, so conditions were pretty acceptable, though Romsey always has a rough around the edges feel to it at the best of times, in my view. Neither of us were on great form and things seesawed wildly, with me taking a lead over the early holes, Tristan running away with things mid-round, and my comeback in the latter stages proving not quite enough. Which leaves the competition all square for 2017, which is  fair enough. We plan this year to try to meet up a few times mid-way between Exeter and Southampton so as to get a few more rounds in than happened this year just past.

In other competitions my form has been patchy: I seem to have perfected the art of playing flawless golf for half a round and hopeless golf for the remaining holes, which is not the best thought out recipe for success. In my final outing with the seniors, however, just before Christmas – a team event – I held it together untypically well, as did my team mates, and we returned a really quite impressive score, the equivalent of our birdieing every hole, or scoring 40+ points each, only to find another team had reached even greater heights of form and pipped us to the top prize. Ah well, it all begins again tomorrow.

And 2018 will be the best year ever. Of course it will.



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