Thursday 30th November 2017

As November turns the corner into December, the weather has become colder and we can definitely say that winter is here at last. It is, however, that rather lovely kind of winter weather, all clear blue skies and frosty mornings, and it’s a joy to be golfing in such conditions, provided the appropriate warm gear has been donned.

The last entry here ended on a cliffhanger following my 40 points in the club competition. The good news is that accumulation of points was enough to take the win and the £30 that went with it; the less good news is that victory represented something of a summit from which I rapidly slid and I have spent the last month or so scrabbling around in the valley of sin searching for something that will restore a degree of credibility to my game.

So I pinned my hopes on a recent sequence of three competitive rounds in three days, starting with the club rolling Stableford last Saturday. A cold and frosty start, but after a few holes we were peeling off the layers as the bright sunshine warmed things up. The golf remained on the cool side, however, and I won’t be rushing to the club noticeboard to find out how I did. Then on Monday the seniors joined the ladies for the annual turkey trot, this time with mixed teams of three playing a Chilworth Bowmaker (1 to count on the par 5s, 2 to count on the par 4s and 3 to count on the par 3s). Let’s just say that none of our trio could summon up their best game, and the turkeys ended up in someone else’s freezer.

Finally there was Tuesday’s seniors’ competition, and at last there was a glimmer of hope and reassurance. Starting on the 10th, for 8 holes I played easy effortless golf, including a birdie on the tricky par 3 16th (my first ever two on that hole, bringing my ongoing eclectic card down to 14 under), but a wayward 3 wood off the tee on the 18th started the rot, and I staggered from crisis to crisis through the front nine, only regaining my composure on the par 5 9th, which featured a return to easy effortless golf. Having scored fewer than half the number of points on the front than on the back, my combined total of 34 points was still good enough for third place in Division One.

By way of a postscript, I have just come back from the range on a bitter evening. Having been hitting smooth, rhythmic shots, I suddenly shanked a six iron, and that was that. My mood was not improved by having two 5 handicappers in the next two booths (I know their handicaps as they mentioned it loudly in conversation!) who interspersed hitting towering 200 yard 7 irons with swapping tales of their most recent sub par exploits. I left them to it and crept quietly away.


One thought on “Thursday 30th November 2017

  1. Rob,

    You sure know how to rub it in for those of us who are experiencing real winter right now 😉

    Don’t worry about that 6 iron on the range…those shots even sneak up on the pros sometimes. As for the 5 handicaps, I imagine their stories of “greatness” weren’t as great as they made it sound. Keep on truckin!


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