Wednesday 27 September 2017

A pleasant surprise awaited me when I turned up at Chilworth this evening to hit a few end of day balls on the range – a brand new pair of Footjoy Hyperflex II golf shoes in blue and silver. Well, not a total surprise, perhaps, as I had been expecting them as replacements for the pair I had bought in the pro shop back in January and which had been exemplary, the best shoes I had ever worn on the course and range, until a few weeks back when they sprang a leak, or leaks, and started shipping water big time. I invoked the 12 month waterproof warranty and without demur a new pair was put on order for me. And today they duly arrived and got their first outing on the range,

The last entry here detailed the first round of a mini golf fest over four days, with the second being the seniors’ and ladies’ autumn competition on Monday morning, when mixed teams competed in a Texas Scramble. The weather was damp and dismal for most of the round, but I gave up the waterproofs at the halfway point, as it was just too warm and I was working up quite a sweat underneath the layers. Our team played steady golf with no real disasters but no birdies either, and we finished just outside the prizes. The ladies’ longest drive ended up being settled  by a putting competition back at the clubhouse, as the marker was brought back early by a group who, confused by the two-tee start, mistakenly thought they were the last to pass through.

Then yesterday phase three saw the normal Tuesday seniors’ event, a medal in this instance, played in much kinder conditions than the day before. Given the conditions, I rather expected there to be some good scores out on the course, so it was with some astonishment that I found myself picking up a second prize despite a round that saw me struggling to find much in the way of consistency and three-putting more times than I care to mention. Added to that, I picked up the prize for nearest the pin on the 17th, which made for a rewarding morning. Earlier I had admitted to Dean, the pro who looks after the seniors, just how much I win per annum on Tuesday mornings: he did seem quite concerned how much it added up to, though, until I start playing nearer to my capabilities than to my handicap, there’s not much to be done about it.


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