Saturday 23 September 2017

Last Tuesday was one of those deceptive days. The weather was what tends to be described as balmy – warm sunshine, no real breeze – and the course was in prime early autumn condition, yet few among the seniors seemed capable of mustering much in the way of a Stableford score. Odd, that. Less odd perhaps that I found myself one of those for whom 36 points remained a distant dream, as once again I struggled off the tee and, indeed, on the greens.

My lesson the following day was geared to doing something about the first of those problems, and Dean had set up Flightscope in order to get to grips with it. A head-on photo of my set up with the 3 wood revealed one or two minor things that required adjustment, so that was what we worked on for half an hour. Basically shifting my left hip slightly forward and making sure my right shoulder was suficiently pushed back. The result was a significant improvement in making a good contact and maintaining the correct line, which was all very encouraging.

I had my chance to test out the new adjustments today when I played with Steve C, his daughter Natalie and Duncan B on a warm and sunny, if rather breezy, day with the course at Chilworth once again in great condition. My tee shots in general were improved on recent weeks and, of the 9 occasions the 3 wood came out of the bag, 7 saw the ball soar straight down the middle of the fairway. Now that’s more like it. If only I had been able to get the ball in the hole in fewer than three putts ………. but that’s for another lesson.


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