Tuesday 22 August 2017

Well, today was the day. Chris at Chilworth GC fitted the MCC Plus 4 grips with their four layers of tape yesterday so this morning the Steelhead XRs, all nine of them, got their first proper run out for the seniors’ Stableford. My  3 wood wasn’t really in fully functioning mode off the tee – until the last hole we played, that is – which put a bit more pressure on how my irons and wedges performed. And, to their credit, perform they did, helping me to 22 points on the back nine (which we played first) and 39 points overall.

I found an opportunity to use most, or perhaps all, of my new clubs during the course of the round. They are certainly longer than the Callaway FTs that they have replaced, with a couple of 5 irons surprising me by how far they flew, and certainly easier to hit. As on Saturday, it was the wedges that particularly impressed on approach shots and around the green. I was happy, too, with how the 7 and 9 irons stepped up to the plate for those bump and run chipping situations from just off the green. I had been concerned that the cup 360 faces might be too springy for such delicate situations, as some of the reviews I had read suggested, but my fears proved unfounded and I was happy with the way the Steelheads dealt with such shots.

I took first place in divsion 2, which was a good baptism for my new clubs, and I look forward to getting to know them better.


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