Saturday 27 May 2017

As predicted in the last entry on this diary, the gardening season has swung into full swing and so Paddock Plants is in virtual 24/7 mode, leaving little time for golf, never mind for writing about it. Form on the course has been in its customary zig zag graph mode: two or three weeks ago I was at the bottom of the zig (i.e. taking up my stance then wondering how on earth one went about instigating a backswing) and in recent days I have been  lording it at the top of the zag (i.e. finding the sweet spot with an authority that Sergo Garcia would be proud of).

Which made my lesson of last Wednesday a bit of a non-event. Having thought in advance I would use it to rediscover the lost art of the golf swing, I found I was striking the ball so sweetly that it was all a bit of an anticlimax. It won’t last. We all know that.

Somehow, despite all the ups and downs, I seem to remain in the money on a Tuesday morning, and my stash of cash behind the counter is building up nicely, most recently thanks to being in the right team at the right time for our Texas Scramble. Captain Phil was far and away our best player by repute, but Barry and I, despite lagging some way behind him in terms of official handicap, kept our wilder excesses in check, and the team pulled together to play some very solid golf. The only blip on our card was a bogey on the par 3 16th, where none of us could find the green off the tee. Other than that, we gave ouselves a birdie opportunity on every hole. Not all of them taken, it has to be said.

On the subject of missed opportunities, I have to record my snatching defeat from the jaws of victory on the par 4 6th the previous week. What I thought was a perfectly decent tee shot drifted right and took a bounce into the ditch and an unplayable lie. Having taken a penalty drop, I was faced with 165 yards over not just the pond, but also one of the big oak trees that guard the green. One towering 7 iron later, I walked smugly towards the green, congratulating myself on reaching it in three, given the circumstances. Four putts later I recorded a triple bogey and trudged on to the seventh tee. Just saying.


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