Monday 24 April 2017

As the horticultural season gets into full swing, golf of necessity takes a back seat, so the great game has slipped in my level of priorities of late. However, there have been two sorties onto the course worthy of note in the past week or two.

Firstly, Tristan turned up unexpectedly from Exeter on a mission to meet up with some old school friends, so we managed to fit in what is only the second Dad vs Tristan of 2017. Time constraints meant we had to satisfy ourselves with a mere nine holes on a cool and grey Saturday afternoon. Neither of us played anything much resembling competent golf, with our joint putting being particularly shoddy, so we bogied our way round the back nine.  I held a one-hole lead most of the way and dashed Tristan’s hopes of a play off by playing a safe 7 iron (the XR known as super 7, in fact) off the tee to take the 18th for a 2 up win.

Last week I passed on the usual Tuesday seniors in order to play at Dibden with my former KES colleague Simon B on the following day. The weather was really rather nice, with lots of sun and fast running fairways and greens as  a result of the recent lack of rain. I found myself feeling more positive about the course than my review of a couple of years ago might suggest, and – despite distributing a boxful of Truvis Chrome Softs around the more impenetrable parts of the course – I enjoyed the novelty of playing somewhere other than Chilworth.

It’s back to the home track tomorrow morning, with the weather forecast to be unseasonably chilly, so I had better look out the winter gear again.



2 thoughts on “Monday 24 April 2017

  1. Rob,

    That’s great you got to squeeze in a round with Tristan, even though it was only 9. Speaking of unseasonably chilly, I woke up to snow on the ground today after playing a couple rounds on the weekend. Looks like I might have a couple days off from the course.



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