Thursday 26 January 2017

The Footjoy Hyperflex IIs mentioned in the last post have turned out to be pretty much the best investment shoe-wise that I have made since taking up the game, being light, comfortable, supportive and grippy, not to mention possessed of the ability to keep my feet dry and warm during the sub-zero rounds we have been playing in the last couple of weeks. I think I will have to devote a post to them on my main blog when I find a moment.

The weather has certainly been at the colder end of the spectrum, with night-time temperatures dipping to minus 3 or 4 degrees Celsius and struggling to get to much above zero during the day. Despite that, there has been some on-course action, one of the highlights being the first Dad vs Tristan of the new year, when he had an afternoon free following some business meetings up in this part of the world. It was a classic of its kind, with Tristan taking an early lead, only for me to come back at him on the back nine and eventually take the match by 2. Close, though, with nothing much between us.


Tuesday 17th saw me stash away a few more pounds behind the counter of the pro shop when I recovered from an uninspired front nine to put together 36 points and take the top prize in icy but sunny conditions. It stayed cold for a Saturday morning canter round the course with Steve C and Barry. The conditions making things rather unpredictable, we shied away from competing in the rolling Stableford competition, but Steve and I ended up regretting that decision, as we both put together respectable scores that might have stood a chance of troubling the top end of things.

Unpredictable was again the word for it on Tuesday of this week when we had a team event. the ever popular waltz. Our threesome did our best to cope with erratic bounces off rock hard fairways (that thawed a bit towards the end) and ice-bound greens (that didn’t soften much at all): our regulation net par score of 76 was good enough to tie for top spot, but sadly we lost out on countback (we started on the 10th and had our better moments on the front nine). The pot-luck nature of the conditions was perhaps best illustrated on the 6th, when my rather fine 3 wood off the tee left me a pitching wedge over the pond to the green. My perfect shot (perfect for normal conditions, that is) found the heart of the green, bounced 30 feet in the air and ultimately found a ditch some way from the green. Instead of putting for a birdie I ended up with a 7. That’s winter golf for you.


I had a solo back nine today in still pretty arctic conditions, though the forecasters predict things will turn damper and milder from tomorrow. We shall see. I have a lesson tomorrow in which I hope to build on the more encouraging feelings I have had about my game since the start of the year.


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