Tuesday 10 January 2017

Well, it’s another new year and, although I have so far successfully managed to avoid making any resolutions (or perhaps because I have), there are encouraging signs of something of a fresh start in these early days of 2017.

Last Tuesday dawned cold and frosty, but it takes more than a hint of winter to put the Chilworth ambassadors off their golf, and a respectable band of intrepid explorers embarked on a semi-arctic expedition around 8 a.m. I like these sort of conditions and started well with three straight pars and a couple of near pars before coming a complete cropper on the 6th, putting two balls out of bounds. Following which I had some more ups and downs but held things together sufficiently well to scrape together 37 points and take the overall prize by some margin.


A couple of range sessions gave me opportunity to reflect on those key elements of the swing that I sometimes neglect to implement properly. This went quite well: indeed, on Saturday afternoon I had one of those rare sessions when I just couldn’t feel the ball on impact, so sweetly was I hitting it. Not that I could carry that over into my round on Sunday with Ray, when we spent the afternoon being chased around the course by assorted groups of professionals and semi-professionals. It was Ray’s third card to submit for a handicap, and neither of us played particularly badly, except perhaps on occasion, just mixing it up a bit too much to card a truly decent score.


The usual Monday night range session was marked by a footwear crisis when the heel section suddenly and iunexpectedly detached itself from my left shoe. Happily Darren in the pro shop came to the rescue, and this morning I turned out for the Tuesday stableford wearing a rather gorgeous pair of Footjoy Hyperflex IIs which performed incredibly out of the box. A topic for my main blog, I think. After a par 5 on the first things turned a bit less regulation with touches of the sublime and hints of the ridiculous, but overall I felt I was striking the ball well and with a pleasing degree of control. Perhaps I should be making some resolutions after all.


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