Saturday 10 December 2016

Well, the recent upward graph of golfing achievement has seen a couple of blips insert themselves in the rising line, but overall things haven’t driven me as yet to put my clubs on eBay. Last weekend, in the absence of Steve C (away on family duties in Weston-super-Mare), I turned out with his two friends Barry and Duncan on the Saturday morning. When checking in at the clubhouse, I saw they were entered for the rolling Stableford competition, so I added my name to the entry roster, thinking it would be churlish not to do so. I haven’t seen the results sheet yet but suspect our names won’t be at the top end of things, as we posted rather modest numbers, even allowing for the fact that it was three quarters handicap. But once again I came off the course feeling that a round of really good golf isn’t far away.


The mist was dense when the the Ambassadors hit the first tee (or in my case the 10th) on Tuesday morning, with the visibility so poor that the best you could do was get a line on where your ball went, calculate a distance by the watch and go look for it. I was so concerned by the state of things that I was taking a six iron off the tee, just to be on the safe side! After playing 9 holes in what was effectively  the dark, things cleared virtually instantaneously, so we played holes 1 to 9 in perfectly viable conditions. Unsurprisingly, I scored much better over that half of things, but the damage had been done and my global points total didn’t trouble the leaderboard.

After an encouraging solo sortie on Thursday, when I hit two of the longest 3 woods off the tee that I have managed in a long time, today saw a team of Steve C, John C and myself turn out for the club Christmas Texas Scramble. John was on great form, as he has been for the past couple of weeks (cleaning up the Tuesday prizes in the process), and Steve and I struggled to get in our statutory five tee shots. We  played pretty well in grey moist conditions, but we missed quite a few opportunities and there were too many lipped out putts that conspired to cause us to card a bogey more often that we would have liked. I think the 10% handicap that was in force will favour teams made up of better players boasting lower handicaps than us, but we had a good morning’s golf with lots of good humour. Which is what it’s all about, after all.

Footnote: this was the first round I have played using the Callaway Chrome Soft Truvis ball. Interesting on the green and on wedge shots when you can really see the roll or spin!


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