Sunday 30 October 2016

rob_putting_6thHaving been involved in so many lessons during the month of October, you might have thought there would have been a positive effect on my golfing performance. Sadly not: over the past two or three weeks I have been stuck at the bottom of one of those troughs that golf seems to dig for you every so often. Not that it has been all total doom and gloom. There have been moments of lucidity and fluidity, but all too few and far between, and the best of my swings and shots seem to have been reserved for the range rather than the course.

I have struggled to muster many points in my last two Tuesday morning outings: indeed, 10 days ago I found myself languishing at the very foot of the results sheet – a first and, I hope, a last in that department. The social nature of the month’s group lessons has, however,  provided me with a new-found playing partner and three times over the past ten days Ray and I have played some or all of Chilworth and its various challenges, with today’s round being recorded as the first of the three cards he will need to submit to obtain an official handicap.

The round also saw me experimenting with midsize reduced taper grips on two of my clubs in an effort to resolve once and for all my concerns about my grip, which has never felt comfortable or natural and, I suppose, has been a source of tension in my swing. I have put a Golf Pride MCC  Plus4 on my 19 degree hybrid and a CP2 Pro on my 9 iron, my thinking being that these are two clubs I can use with a high degree of frequency in any given round and so gauge the effectiveness or otherwise of the new grips. Too early to draw any conclusions as yet, but there is certainly less tension in gripping the club, and I really like gripping down on the 9 iron for around the green chips, when the lack of taper proves its worth.



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