Thursday 14 April 2016

As the last post suggested, Paddock Plants activity is getting the better of my attempts to find much time for golf, and there is precious little to report for the last 3 weeks. Indeed, things got so pressurised that I had to – shock, horror – forgo the usually sacrosanct Tuesday morning outing with the Chilworth seniors. Just too may plants to plant.

But, as my weekend sales event was on the following Saturday, the Dad v. Tristan spreadsheet got another entry when we set out on the Sunday afternoon around a rather cool and grey Chilworth. But at least we were off the grass tees for the first time this season, which was great news. It’s amazing how different your perspective of a hole can be from the main tee rather than a mat. Tristan took the most advantage from the situation, moving smoothly into a comfortable lead by the turn. Nothing unusual there, but my customary comeback on the home run was this time a short-lived one, and the T-man ultimately cruised home with a cushion of four holes. My knee was beginning to play up a bit during the round, and by the Tuesday it was pretty sore, which at least gave me an excuse for a rather disappointing performance with the seniors.


That round exacerbated the injury, so I didn’t touch a golf club until this week’s Tuesday event. Even then it was still giving me a fair degree of discomfort, so I decided just to enjoy my round shot  by shot and forgo any ambitions of making the prizes. Which turned out to be a good plan, as I certainly enjoyed my round, playing a (for me) remarkably consistent and largely fault-free brand of golf. Yes, of course there was the odd fluffed shot and putt that refused to drop, but all in all it was the best I have played for some time. I was especially pleased with my shots off the tee, which did as they were supposed to do on all but one hole – the par 3 17th, where I hit my pitching wedge fat and short. So perhaps playing with an injury can be a good thing! It certainly seems to have won me a cut in my handicap.


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