Thursday 17 March 2016

Well, it had to happen. My winning streak had to come to an end sometime. And Tuesday was indeed that sometime as I failed to put anything behind the counter in the pro shop for the first time in …… well, I can’t really remember. It’s actually quite a relief, as the pressure of keeping up a winning record has been lifted, and it will perhaps be no bad thing to be seen as less of a bandit by my playing partners. My putting was the  biggest factor in my downfall; starting off with two three-putts set the tone for the round. The rest of my game wasn’t that bad, though it was lacking in any real consistency. Off the tee things were pretty pleasing, but the golfing gods weren’t smiling on me that day, delighting in playing mischievous tricks to taunt me. On our third hole, the 12th, I hit a seemingly perfect tee shot with the 3 hybrid to reach the ideal spot on the dogleg, only to see the ball trickle into the big fairway  bunker. On the third proper (our twelfth) the Chrome Soft fairly flew off the face of my 3 wood to travel well in excess of 250 yards and end up pin high. The snag being that a wild bounce saw said Chrome Soft come to rest within a few inches of the base of a tree, leaving me no option other than a penalty drop. One of those days, I suppose.


Two days beforehand, on the Sunday, I had had a decent round in the fifth Dad v Tristan of this year. It was a glorious sunny day and the fully open course was in fine fettle, with things drying out nicely and the greenkeepers having mowed the fairways and greens. It was very close on the way out and all square at the turn, where we met up my former colleague from KES, Simon B, who joined us for the second half. I quickly gained a small advantage which I held on to until the finish, despite a near catastrophe on the 18th. Teeing off 1 up, I topped it for the first time that day, straight into a nearby bush. Despite a tricky second shot that was never going to make much progress in the right direction, I scrambled to a bogey and held on for the win, much to Tristan’s dismay.

I haven’t picked up a club for the last two days,  a few twinges in my back suggesting a little respite might be a good idea. After all, there is a potential three day golf fest coming up, depending on Tristan’s whereabouts this weekend, with the Ambassadors & Ladies match on Monday and the usual seniors on Tuesday definite dates. Let’s see if I can get back among the prizes again.


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