Friday 26 February 2016

Oops. Bit of a time lapse since my last entry here: probably been too busy with horticultural responsibilities, as our season is beginning to take off now. But there has nonetheless been activity on the golf course. Two Ambassadors’ competitions for a start. Last week’s event was a rather strange experience, as I seemed to be playing really rather well but not scoring the points to match. Without going into analytical detail, I can only suppose it was the short game that let me down, as I was fine off the tee and on the long-range shots. I did retain my record of making the prize list every week, courtesy of winning the nearest the pin on the 17th, which was some consolation.


This week was a team competition, a Texas Bramble, no less, i.e. take the best tee shot and play individually from there on in, with the best two scores to count on each hole. Only 15 holes were in play, as conditions remain pretty boggy, but Steve, Pete and I made a steady start over the first few holes before falling away a bit. We rallied in the final stretch and scored 7 points on each of the last two holes which secured us the runners up prizes, so ensuring Pete and I held on to our runs of appearing in the prizes on a weekly basis. Nice to be in profit on one’s golf, I suppose.


Yesterday I took some time off potting on bare root plants as it was so cold and joined Steve (see above) and his friend Ted over, yes, a full 18 holes at Chilworth. Wintry sun was the order of the day, as it was on Tuesday, which was nice for a change. I was in all honesty pretty dreadful off the tee, hitting only three totally satisfactory shots, all towards the end of the round. Luckily, the rest of my game was good enough to make up for that failing, and I hit some glorious second shots and holed some undeniably remarkable putts to ensure a pretty reasonable score by the end. Sunshine and some half decent shots, you can’t ask more than that at this time of year.

Finally, this evening I hit a few balls on the range (under floodlights, as it was pretty late by the time I finished with the plants) which was quite reassuring. All in all, things are pretty positive at the moment and I can’t help feeling that a really good round isn’t that far away!


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