Sunday 14th February

Golf is a game of ups and downs. And (sometimes) in betweens. The past week has certainly allowed me to experience the full range of golfing emotions. Tuesday, for example, was on the in between setting. The continuing damp weather meant the seniors could only play nine holes, and I duly plodded round in unexciting fashion, doing just enough to get a look in on the prize list. As the previous week, I went round again later on my own and carried on the middle of the road golf – no disasters, no real triumphs either.

CHILWORTH_18th_LONG_SHADOWSWednesday I had a lesson. Dean was , as ever, patient, encouraging and helpful. We made some adjustments to my grip, which had got a bit lazy, and looked to keeping the shaft more vertical when playing my three wood off the tee. I was hitting the ball really sweetly and came away feeling really positive about my golf. So on an up.

Thursday I hoped to carry on in the same vein when playing a solo back nine. Some hope. My golf was back to in between setting – not that good, not that bad – and all nine holes were pretty undistinguished and indistinguishable. Oh well. The next day I just went up to the range with a flask of coffee to bed in Wednesday’s adjustments. Things started well, and I was striking the ball very nicely, thank you very much. Then ….. I got a severe attack of the shanks, and nothing seemed to help much to dispel them for the remainder of the session. Very much a case of the downs.

PAULTONS_8th_WETAnd then came Sunday, and only the second Dad vs Tristan of 2016. Chilworth was shut due to the wet conditions, so we played at Paultons, always reliable in such a circumstance. The greens there are astonishingly good, recovering instantly from any rain, however heavy. I started very poorly, but from the 3rd on I was playing golf as I would like to play it. Ok, not perfect, but lots of long straight tee shots and decent approaches. Other than a blip on the par 3 sixth (double bogey) and a disaster on the  long par 4 seventeenth (despite a great tee shot), life was good, and I took the match by six holes. Definitely an up.

A classic golfing graph, all in the space of a few days.


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