Saturday 16 January 2016

The late appearance of the first entry for 2016 is due to the continuing weather conditions mentioned last time, i.e it has been wet. Not so much in the way of rain in the past couple of days, but the general sogginess has seen most local courses fully or partly shut, and I haven’t had an 18 hole round yet this year. A summary of 2016 so far is as follows.

  1. The Dad vs Tristan series has yet to see an entry on the spreadsheet for 2016. We are planning a round for hisDRIVING_RANGE_Jan_16 20th birthday on Monday, but the discouraging weather forecast may yet scupper that idea.
  2. I have had a lesson with Dean which, as is the way with lessons, didn’t teach me much that was new, but was worthwhile in that (a) it provided reassurance about things I was doing, and (b) offered some direction for future thought and practice.
  3. I have stayed among the prizes in the two 9-hole competitions we have had on Tuesday mornings with the Chilworth seniors. Not sure how, as I didn’t play that well. But at least I’m up in financial terms.
  4. Yesterday I revisited Wellow Golf Club for the first time in several years (it was the venue for the Viking Pyke in 2009), playing the front 9 of their winter course, made up of holes 1 to 7 of the Embley and holes 8 and 9 of the Ryewater loops. The course has suffered rather badly from the recent rains, with some greens being very soft and the largely unmown fairways making it at times feel more of a farming experience than a golfing one. A course best played in summer, I suspect. The setting is certainly a pretty one.
  5. During the wettest times it has been the driving range that has seen most of the golf balls hit. Maybe no bad thing, as it allows a bit of reflective practice accompanied by a flask of warming black coffee. Now I am just looking forward to the weather improving sufficiently to allow for some nice dry golf over 18 holes (not so sure that will be any time soon, however).

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