Tuesday 15th December 2015

My, time flies and I have got a bit behind on this diary! So, to be brief …..

Tuesday 8th. Stableford competition with the Chilworth seniors and I retained my record of being in the prizes for another week. Second this time to someone who is undoubtedly better than their handicap and who, on this day, just got in the zone. I was playing alongside him, and there was a spell of about 5 holes on the front (we started on the 10th) when he played immaculate regulation golf in difficult conditions. Sadly, the wheels came off on the closing holes, but, even with three blobs in the last four holes, he came away with 41 points. Great stuff. I was just happy to coast along in his slipstream.

CHILWORTH_17th_2BALLSWednesday 9th. Had a lesson with Dean, which went well, I thought. I was striking the ball pretty nicely and even looked quite good on the videos he took on his phone. Sadly, it wouldn’t last, as we shall see.

Sunday 13th. Dad vs Tristan round however many it is, and we went around Chilworth on a day that did not feel in any way like December. It was so mild that we ended up removing layers of clothing to avoid heating up too much! Tristan stayed 1 or 2 up most of the way, but I brought it back to all square with two to play. I then proceeded to dump my ball in the bunker off the tee on the 17th, allowing Tristan to take back his slender lead. I, however, grabbed the 18th with a nice par. All square it cannot be in Tristan’s book, so in the growing gloom (it was now gone 4 pm) we teed off on the play off 10th hole. I managed a straightforward par to Tristan’s bogey, so went in front for the first time just when it counted most. Good timing.

Tuesday 15th. A Texas scramble was on the menu for the Chilworth seniors today, and I was in the 5th group off the first tee. The weather was dispiriting – grey and drizzly – and so was my golf. Everything I could do a week ago now seemed out of reach, and my contributions to the team effort were erratic. We played pretty much bogey golf with some pars thrown in for good measure, and the final score was a net 71.8, which failed to make an impact on the leaderboard, and my run of prizewinning weeks came to a grinding halt. Interestingly, the team that ran away with the competition with a net 63 contained my partner of last week. Say no more.


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