Friday 4 December 2015

Well, it’s been a full and busy week golf-wise. Monday morning saw the much anticipated Ambassadors vs Ladies at Chilworth, a competition played in the greensomes format, whereby the better drive in a pair is chosen and players take alternate shots until the ball is at the bottom of the hole. I had the good fortune to be paired with the current ladies’ club champion who lived up to her billing, hitting it largely true and straight, with only one tee shot betraying the malign influence of being paired with me, aka Mr Inconsistency. The very strong wind, accompanied by some rain, made playing anything approaching good golf quite a challenge, but we gave it our best shot and gelled pretty well over the 18 holes. After a steadyish front 9, we enjoyed a pleasing romp round the back of the course, the only let-down being that four 3 pointers were offset by a blob on the 12th. Our final total of 32 points seemed unlikely to see us among the prizes, but we were proved wrong and took third place, winning a bottle of champagne each for our efforts. We were pleased with that and had no ambitions for a higher placing, as those positions won turkeys, and a bottle of bubbly seemed the better outcome!

CHILWORTH_18th_Blue Sky

The following day it was just the seniors, without any ladies, for a slightly less windy Stableford competition. Over the opening holes I thought I had finally cracked it and discovered the secret of consistent ball striking, so smoothly did things go. But then the inevitable happened, reality stepped in, and the ball once again became a fickle and impulsive object resistant to my attempts to control it. Things began to look up on the 9th when I rifled a 3 hybrid from 200 + yards out to within a few feet of the pin to leave a birdie opportunity (which I missed by millimetres, naturally). But after a good first few holes on the back, it was normal service again from the 12th when double bogey became the minimum default position. But again a surprise lay in store, as my 30 points gained 2nd place in category two.


After a golf-free day on Wednesday, I trekked up to the range on Thursday to hit 100 balls accompanied by a flask of black coffee, trying to focus on the usual keeping the hands ahead of the ball. |Which went quite well and some of which rubbed off today when I played a quick back 9 in the failing December light from 3 o’clock on. Two birdies and the same number of pars was quite pleasing, as I conducted a comparison test of the two Callways, the Supersoft and the Chrome Soft. And the winner of the best winter ball award? The Chrome Soft. It’s hard to beat.



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