Sunday 29 November 2015

A big event on the calendar coming up tomorrow with the annual pre-Christmas Seniors vs Ladies at Callaway_Supersoft_Ball_PinkChilworth, so a quick catch-up is due before that takes place. On Wednesday Tristan had another lesson with Dean with more focus on changing his grip among other tweaks to his setup, so we though we would test out the changes immediately afterwards. It was an odd but pleasant enough mix of sun, cloud and some rain, and Tristan put the technical alterations to good use over the front 9, playing it in 6 over. I couldn’t really match that and just hung on to his coat tails as he struggled rather more on the inward half, with Tristan finishing 5 up in the end.

Since then I have played a couple of solo back 9s with mixed results and had a rather encouraging session at the driving range. I am feeling pretty good about the ladies’ match tomorrow and the usual Tuesday event, so we shall see what transpires. I don’t think my newly purchased Adidas Adizero Ones are ready for a full 18 holes yet, so it will probably be the trusty old Tour 360s on those days. Nor do I think I will dare play the Callaway Supersofts in shocking pink which I recently got hold of as a cheap winter ball that might be more visible among the leaves than white or yellow. Initial experience suggests that they may indeed be cheap but they are just as easily lost in the leafy rough. Hmm.


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