Friday 20 November 2015

Tristan having time off work has upped the golfing activity quotient of late, and the rest of this week has seen three further sorties at Chilworth. Tuesday morning saw another seniors’ Stableford competition in what were half decent conditions until around the 14th, when steady drizzle and rain set in, which dampened our spirits if nothing else. I had one of my up and down days, playing some nice golf along with some fairly unmentionable stuff, and ended up with a pretty poor 32 points. Quite remarkably, that turned out to be enough to take the top honours in category 2. Well, I’ll be blowed, as they used to say.

CHILWORTH_WindyBlowy it certainly was on Wednesday when Tristan and I set out around 11.45 am, just after I had a lesson with Dean, which had seen me working on keeping my hands ahead of the club – just have to keep working on that, it seems. We were both freshly instructed, as it happens, as Tristan had had a lesson (with Dean as well) the previous day, so it was perhaps reassuring that we both had spells in which we played good golf. As a result, things were close, especially on the back nine, but Tristan took it by one at the end of the 18 holes. The second-hand  X2 Hot 5 hybrid that I had bought on eBay enjoyed its first outing and found a couple of greens for me, so that was a good start to its career in my bag.

It wasn’t windy on Saturday when we next took to the Chilworth fairways, but it was beginning to turn more like late November, and it was the first genuinely chilly round I can remember playing in a very long time. Nice clear skies, though, so a lovely afternoon for the front nine. Again it was close, but this time neither of us acquitted ourselves particularly well, and I came out one up by the close, having been 3 up after 6 holes. But a very enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours.


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