Monday 16th November 2015

Things are still very erratic here in the world of ordinary golf. On Friday I went for a solo sortie on the TITLEIST_DT_Solo_Yellowback 9 at Chilworth and for the first five holes it was pretty much double bogey golf. Well, not pretty at all actually. I had a nice tee shot on the 14th, however, which may have been some kind of positive catalyst, as I went on to play the last four holes in 1 over, dropping a shot on the par 3 16th by just failing to make the green from the tee. Hard to do that on the 16th, in any case. The key to the improvement was thinking about covering the ball, ie avoiding any side sway and not coming up too quickly. This seems to be a big thing form me: I have noticed it making a difference before so why I don’t keep at it more regularly, I don’t know.

Sunday was another round in the Dad vs Tristan comp and this one went to the T-man, making it 22-13 to Dad, with three all squares since the start of 2015. I was ok on the front and things were very even, with us reaching the turn all square. I had a great birdie on the 2nd and nice pars on the 3rd and 5th holes, but on the back nine I was far from my best and Tristan just drifted away from me to finish 3 up. Ah well. I hit a few (erratic) balls on the range tonight so we shall see how things go tomorrow morning. Weather looks a bit iffy, unfortunately, so hope we are still on.

It is now officially the yellow ball season, in view of lush damp rough and lots of vagrant leaves around the course. I have still managed to lose one or two already, nonetheless.


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