Thursday 12 November 2015

Well, not a great deal of golfing action in recent times after that flurry around half term. A few, largely successful, sessions on the range and a surprising outcome to the Seniors’ Stableford competition on Tuesday morning. It was a grey and pretty breezy day, and things certainly weren’t conducive to good scores, particularly as the greens had been dampened by recent rainfall and were running much slower and less predictably than we were used to. I did my usual thing and played my inimitable style of up and down golf, so my score would typically be three points or nothing per hole. The resulting 31 points seemed a modest total but turned out to be enough to squeeze into the prizes for the second week on the trot. Which was nice.

CHILWORTH_NovemberAnd today the Dad vs Tristan series received an update, on a Thursday this time due to Tristan having a week’s holiday from work. It was a typical November day, grey and gloomy, when we teed off just gone 1.30 pm and that’s how it stayed, with the odd glimpse of watery sunshine now again to brighten things up. The golf wasn’t particularly bright, either, and we were both a bit erratic off the tee and around the green. I twice went 2 or 3 holes up, only to be pulled back and it fell to the 18th to settle things in the fast gathering twilight. But two bogeys meant things finished all square and not enough light for a playoff, much to Tristan’s chagrin. I was a bit disappointed, too, as at time I had felt I was beginning to hit the ball nicely, only for it to slip away again.


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