Tuesday 3 November 2015

What goes around comes around, and all too soon it was another Tuesday morning sortie with the Chilworth seniors. I had been up the range the previous evening, still working on keeping the hands in front of the club as long as possible, and seemingly to pretty good effect. The test would be to see if I could reproduce it competition. The form that the competition was to take this week was a Bowmaker: teams of three, best score to count holes 1 to 6, two scores to count holes 7 to 12, and three scores to count holes 13 to 18.

CHILWORTH_6th_AUTUMNWe were quite numerous and fielded 9 teams, all playing off the first tee, so the course felt busy, but we got round in much the same time as normal. Our team made a strong start, with 3 points on all bar one of the opening six holes, but we began to struggle from the 7th, only recording two points (from two players) on most holes in that section. We picked up a bit on the final stretch from 13 on in and ended up with 74 points, which we felt would be well off the pace. How wrong we were, placing second by 1 point, which was surprising but in a nice way.

I added to my share of the prize money by taking the £6 for nearest the pin on the 17th, which I’ve done a few times now. Remarkably, I missed the short putt for a birdie. My putting was a bit off more generally, and I suffered a few 3 putts, the most costly of which were on the 6th and 18th after finding the greens in regulation. Story of my round, which was a mix of the very good and the very bad, with not much in between. Still, I must try to focus on the best bits and cling on to the belief that things are showing signs of getting better, if only gradually.


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