Sunday 1 November 2015

After Tuesday’s travails, it was back to the drawing board in that unceasing quest for a degree of consistency. In actual fact, my visits to the driving range on Wednesday and Thursday were indeed models of that sought-after commodity and did quite a lot to restore my confidence, which had rather crumbled in the light of my Tuesday performance. What seemed to work was concentrating on grooving that in to out movement and on keeping the hands in the lead on the downswing. A couple of half swing efforts before committing to the full monty seemed to produce the desired result, and I did this through the range of clubs without hitting any really wayward shots. Which was nice.

CHILWORTH_15thOn Saturday afternoon I managed to get round the back nine just in time before it got dark around 5. It wasn’t great golf, but it wasn’t bad golf either, so I felt reasonably happy about things. Sunday brought another round in the Dad vs Tristan series, on a day that had been billed in advance as warm and sunny, but which turned out to be misty and grey. Tristan was really struggling, so I took advantage and was 6 up when we were forced to stop because of poor light after the 15th. It was very busy on the course, and we had been doing a lot of waiting to tee off on most holes. I was playing pretty fair golf, with some really nice shots, particularly with my hybrids. So nice that it did cross my mind that it would perhaps be worth thinking about replacing my 5 iron with a hybrid equivalent. We shall see.



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