Tuesday 27 October 2015

CHILWORTH_BLUE_SKYAlas, the emerging decent form that had characterised my outings of the previous two days was abruptly snuffed out on Tuesday, when I played my weekly round with the Ambassadors (a kindly way of referring to the seniors, aka the elderly and infirm) at Chilworth. I was in the first group to tee off from the first tee around 8 am and a scuffy shot that veered right wasn’t, I suppose, a good omen. Nor was a second that flirted with the out of bounds on the left of the fairway. If anything, it got worse after that, and after nine holes and more than one provisional and penalty stroke I had amassed a paltry 10 points. Yes, 10 points. At least I reached double figures.

The back nine opened with a par, and things did get a bit better from there on. Some good shots restored my spirits somewhat, and I held things together sufficiently to accrue 20 points for that half of the round. 30 points was, unsurprisingly, way off the pace for the recently enhanced prize list and showed that, despite the optimism of Sunday and Monday, there is still work to be done if there is to be any genuine consistency in my game.


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