Monday 26 October 2015

ROMSEY_26_Oct_15_1 It was off to Romsey on the second day of the golf-fest – the first time I had played there in 12 months – to take on the redoubtable Dr Schofield over his home course. The weather was pleasant enough, nice and mild with some hints of autumnal sunshine from time to time and not much more than a light breeze to blame any wayward shots on.

A brace of pars on the first was an encouraging start, but we couldn’t keep it up and collapsed to a triple and quadruple bogey respectively on the next. After that we settled down a bit, and things remained very close throughout the round, with me taking a lead of one or two holes at various points before being clawed  ROMSEY_26_Oct_15_2back by Alistair. So all square it was on the 18th tee, but I managed a regulation 5 for par and the match, as Alistair had a couple of rather wayward shots.

I was happy with my play despite a modest score of 94. I had 7 pars, the same number of greens in regulation and found 12 fairways, but a poor short game and some dismal putting held me back a bit. But ….. things are looking up (if that’s not to be the kiss of death for my game!).


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