Wednesday 11 October 2017

It’s been a fairly quiet week on the golfing front, with no opportunity for a weekend sally on to the course due to Alastair and Ramona’s wedding in London on the Saturday, which was a very enjoyable day and certainly more rewarding than repeated choruses of ‘why didn’t I do that the first time?’ and other golfing cliches. So it was down to yesterday’s round with the Ambassadors to see whether attempting to up the ante on pre-shot focus would bear results.

And the answer was predictably a fairly ambiguous one, as the round contained much of the usual mix of controlled precise play and wild randomness. It was a Texas Scramble and so a team format and less easy to gauge one’s own level of play overall, but I guess I shouldn’t evaluate my game too harshly. There was plenty to be happy about off the tee, my irons largely behaved themselves and my feel on the greens was pretty good, so a few moments of looseness can be forgiven.

I was particularly pleased with our birdie on the long uphill par 4 7th on which I contributed all three shots, a gloriously long three wood off the tee, a 7 iron struck to within a few feet of the pin, and a straightforward putt that never deviated from its line. Surprisingly it was the first time I had birdied that hole, so I amended my ongoing eclectic scorecard for Chilworth for the first time in quite a while. On that card I am now 13 under. Which has a nice ring about it.

On the range this evening I was striking the ball really nicely. Let’s hope I can hang on to that for the weekend.